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The Visual Analytics team works to provide strategic value to our sponsors by discovering, developing, and deploying innovative visual analytics technologies that enable timely and profound insights from complex data. Our passion is to stimulate analytical insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting information; to detect the expected and discover the unexpected; to provide timely and defensible assessments; and to communicate assessments effectively for action.

Analytical Insights

Methods, techniques and approaches for extracting insight from massive data streams. This may include development of new algorithms to extract knowledge from natural language, new visualization methods to allow users to comprehend a novel data stream or work at the fusion between scientific domains. This team publishes widely in Vis specific forums such as VAST and other noteworthy venues.

User Experience

This team focuses on the usability and design of highly interactive environments. Utilizing a user-centered design approach, they research end-user needs and capabilities using methods including cognitive task analysis. The user research is used to create iterative visual designs at various fidelity levels, including paper prototypes, wireframe mockups, and realistic renderings used to guide software development. They build experiments to evaluate their designs and publish their findings in a wide range of conferences such as CHI.

Visualization Development

Development of novel environments across many platforms, including desktop and mobile, which support the interaction between the user and visual analytics systems. They develop production quality code and many of their environments are in use across the US Government today. They apply the very latest design patterns and interact widely across communities to develop unique experiences for our sponsors.

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